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Meet the team – Hugo

Hey there! I’m Hugo Floyd, a graduate environmental consultant at 4Pillars. My responsibilities at 4Pillars so far have involved environmental compliance database creation, helping industry fulfil their environmental obligations. I’m excited to see what the future holds at 4Pillars! Working at 4Pillars has been one of the most enjoyable work experiences I have had. James and the rest of the team have created a relaxed and supportive environment that is a pleasure to be a part of it. When I’m…

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Meet the team – Elijah

Hey, my name is Elijah Zaccheus. I work at 4Pillars as a Consultant, and according to my mum, I’m the hardest worker in the room. My work with 4Pillars revolves around environmental compliance of mining and manufacturing projects all around Australia. What I love about my work is knowing that I play a role in securing our environment and keeping the country clean! The atmosphere at work is great too and I know I have gained lifelong friends. Another thing…

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Meet the team – Theresa

Hello there, my name is Theresa Nguyen and I work as a consultant at 4Pillars Environmental Consulting. Pleased to have the chance to introduce myself. My role involves working on projects that assist businesses in implementing environmental approvals and complying with national and state environmental law. What I like about my role is the opportunity to assist with implementing management practices for current environmental issues. I also really value the relationships that I have built with my colleagues; the atmosphere…

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Meet the team – Rhys

G’day everyone, thanks for taking the time to learn about myself and the rest of our great team. I joined 4Pillars earlier this year and have been lucky enough to be involved in all aspects of the business, including undertaking field work, writing reports, sourcing clients, and attending professional development courses. It’s hard to pin down what I like most about the job, because there is honestly nothing that I don’t like, but the great team atmosphere and variety of…

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Meet the team – Tanvir

Hey, what’s going on? I’m Tanvir Islam and I’m a Consultant at 4Pillars Environmental Consulting. Woah, I’ve always wanted to say that to someone, type that to someone…? I’m a Graduate Ecologist, which means I studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Ecology at the University of New South Wales. However prior to my green shoes I started off my university journey studying 3 years of Petroleum Engineering. Why the change you ask? Why such a drastic change? I realised…

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Meet the team – Erin

Hi there! Thank you for allowing me opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Erin Leslie and I am a graduate from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours). I studied this degree because it seemed to strike a balance between my interests in mathematics and the sciences with my interests in the natural environment and concepts of sustainability. Upon reflection, this was a great decision and I am proud to be part of the movement…

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Meet the team – James

I’m James and I started 4Pillars a couple of years ago, because I believe in making expert environmental advice more accessible. We are a young organisation but have a rapidly growing portfolio of projects and satisfied clients. The business growth is driven by the people around me and over the next couple of weeks, we are releasing a series of articles that will introduce you to the 4Pillars team! I’m here to get things started… My background is in ecology…

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