About our environmental management services

Once environmental impacts and risks are identified, procedures should be put in place to manage them. Many developments need their management strategy and procedures formalised in written documents. In addition to guiding activities of the development, these written management plans are important tools for communicating with regulators, customers and other stakeholders.

We can help develop these management strategies and procedures. We will ensure the management approach addresses all relevant environmental aspects, but is also practical and economical.

We can also develop fully tailored training packages to ensure your staff understand the environmental context of the project, the relevant legal requirements and the management procedures in place.

Contact us to see how we can assist you with your environmental management needs or refer to our Capability Statement.

Our capabilities include developing:

  • Environmental management systems (EMS).
  • Environmental management plans (EMP).
  • Construction environmental management plans (CEMP).
  • Pollution incident response management plans (PIRMP).
  • Landfill environmental management plans (LEMP).
  • Remediation action plans (RAP) for contaminated land.
  • Community engagement or stakeholder management plans.
  • Environmental training packages.
  • Government grant applications.
  • Environmental policy and guidelines.
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