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At 4Pillars, we understand your time is valuable, so we have made it easy to get the environmental advice and products you need. We provide our services under different packages, based on the type of projects and their level of complexity.


Streamlined and practical. Services provided under an Essentials package are generally short-term, discrete and commonly required to meet environmental compliance requirements.

Some examples include: statement of environmental effects (SOEE), waste classification, limitation and opportunity analysis, rapid audits, monitoring programs, environmental management plans, training programs, grant applications and environmental guidelines.


Deep dives and detail. Services provided under an Advanced package are generally longer-term, complex, higher-risk or relate to contentious projects.

Some examples include: in-depth audits, contamination assessments, environmental impact assessments (EIA), approval negotiations, environmental management systems, rehabilitation plans, complex or long-term monitoring programs and


Distinct and diverse. Custom packages are designed from the ground-up, to meet the specific individual needs of your business. Some examples include: assessments for novel industries or facilities, unconventional monitoring programs or improvement projects utilising cutting edge techniques.


EnviroNow is a complete environmental management solution for your business. This package will provide you on-demand access to expert, independent environmental advice and services. It bridges the gap between a hired consultant and an employee, delivering the benefits of both at an accessible price point. It is the perfect solution for small businesses with growing environmental management needs, medium-sized businesses looking to reduce costs, without increasing their exposure to environmental risk, or larger businesses who need extra capacity to manage compliance and sustainability projects.

4Pillars offers three levels of this package, each with different inclusions. We can recommend a level, based on an analysis of your project(s), your needs and your management objectives. In addition, we offer a secondment option, which involves placing an environmental expert in your organisation for a set period of time, or in a specific role.

EnviroNow is a unique and innovative offering, available only through 4Pillars.

See the EnviroNow brochure for further details.

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Don’t worry if you’re not sure which package is right for you – we will ask the necessary questions to ensure we fully understand your needs. You can rest assured our industry experience will help make sure your package is scoped correctly.

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