As the year progresses, it is easy to become complacent and forget that we are still living with COVID-19 in the community. It remains essential to be vigilant and to implement COVID-19 safe measures to prevent the resurgence of the virus and the socioeconomic impacts on our community.

With that in mind, 4Pillars reaffirms its commitment to be COVID-19 safe in all our work. Since August 2020, 4Pillars Environmental Consulting has implemented their COVID-19 Safety Plan for Site Inspections and Field Work in accordance with the most recent national and state public health orders. To maintain the safety and wellbeing of our staff, clients, wider community, and all external stakeholders 4Pillars have developed detailed procedures summarised below.

  • For the wellbeing of our staff and clients:
    • All staff who are unwell or who have come into contact with individuals who are unwell must not participate in site visits.
    • Staff must wear appropriate PPE (including face masks), regularly sanitise and maintain safe working distance between persons.
    • Prior to attending a work site, the 4Pillars project manager confirms with their client that no site personnel has had any cold or flu symptoms.
    • 4Pillars obtain contact information from clients and other contractors present at the time of field work and retain this information for notification.
    • 4Pillars staff regularly review COVID-19 related advice from federal and state authorities and provide relevant training to staff members.
  • To uphold physical distancing:
    • 4Pillars staff travel safely to and from work sites, for example by limiting occupancy of company vehicles to no more than two people, where possible.
    • Site access is restricted to essential personnel only, or, at minimum, site visits are scheduled at a time when there will be minimum personnel onsite.
    • A site supervisor is nominated to implement line markings, signage, and fencing to prevent over-crowding on busy sites.
    • Staff are responsible for maintaining a distance of 1.5m between themselves and others at all times, as far as reasonably practicable.
    • Storage premises are reviewed and organised on a weekly basis to prevent overcrowding and time spent by staff in the premises.
    • Meetings are conducted online wherever possible.
    • 4Pillars instructs couriers and suppliers to drop off equipment and supplies at a contactless designated delivery or loading dock.
    • Inductions and toolbox talks are delivered to groups no greater than 10 people. Physical distancing is maintained.
  • To maintain hygiene and cleaning:
    • Mobile hand wash stations have been provided to all staff.
    • A supply of hand sanitiser is maintained and readily available to all staff.
    • Disinfectant is used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions to regularly clean work surfaces, vehicles, and equipment.
    • Required PPE is worn when in proximity of others.
    • Prior to site visits, the scope of work is reviewed to prevent unnecessary contact with objects, items, and fittings unrelated to direct work.
    • Sharing of tools and equipment between staff is avoided.
  • To keep records:
    • Confidential records are kept of names, contact details and site details for at least 28 days after field work to assist in contact tracing if necessary.
    • Directives from NSW Health are followed as required.
    • If any staff members who have engaged in onsite work test positive to COVID-19, the appropriate authorities will be notified.

Maintaining a safe working environment as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses is a priority of 4Pillars, and so this plan will continue to be updated and reiterated as needed as restrictions and health advice changes.